Help For Felons Exists Through Various Avenues

Felons that are released back into society have a lot of issues to deal with. Even if they have the best intentions, many businesses and housing options get closed. In fact, many white collar jobs don’t hire anyone that has been convicted of a felony.

havestickEven if they are outstanding citizens after the fact, that issue follows through life. It’s tough. There are a few things that can be done in regards to helping felons move forward with life. There are many things that can be pursued in terms of help. If you look online for other help for felons, you’ll find that there are a lot of different things to pursue, and accept.

Help exists, but many feel downtrodden because it’s difficult to navigate real world after being incarcerated. The following options can help a great deal, from financial elements to housing and more, there’s a lot to explore in terms of finding a helping hand in society today.

Educational Pell Grants

The first major thing to consider in terms of help is in regards to educational Pell grants. These are allocated for students that want to learn in higher education, and they don’t need to be paid back. However, those that have been convicted of crimes in the past may have to deal with a little more scrutiny.

Many don’t want to deal with the hassle, which is why they don’t apply. It’s imperative to apply, and discuss options. Many individuals can receive the money if they adhere to reputable rehabilitation programs, and drug testing. Pass these tests, get some signatures, and these grants can be taken out by former criminals. It’s a bit more leg work, but it is possible and many find that it helps with paying for education, which can in turn help with financial progression as well.

Government Grants

The federal government has a lot of money that they give away to individuals, non-profit organizations, and many other groups. Here’s the thing, many people do not explore it. In fact, there’s a lot of unclaimed money floating around out there, and it can be frustrating for a person to deal with. If you’re not actively seeking it out, you cannot apply for it.

In terms of other help for felons, you’ll find that felons qualify for many of the grants, especially for those that want to seek higher education and a second chance opportunity. One option, for instance, allows individuals to get an education if they are willing to teach in impoverished areas or even Native American Reservations. Another useful source for Government felon Grants is this page on This site has advice on felon grants and housing by state. There’s a lot to explore via and other sites that list these regularly. Government grants do not need to be paid back.

Housing Options For Felons

In regards to housing, getting a helping hand can be tough. However, there are individual landlords and roommates that will not look too deeply into the background of an individual. The secret here is to establish a good relationship with them and ensure that a rental history is established. If you’re a model tenant, you’ll find that opportunities will come through in regards to moving to a new place, establishing credit and more. Often times, these options will give valuable references for moving forward in life.

Vocational Training  

There are a lot of vocational training options that abound for low cost and free. These include 1-time classes and networking options. There are even groups that meet together to help with establishing job placement, resume building, and a lot more. It’s important to seek these out and focus on networking. Felons that are able to network and speak to many individuals, will get a better shot at working with opportunities that would otherwise not present themselves. Vocational training can lead an individual to learning a trade, and even establishing their own business over time.

Free Resources To Consider

One of the most important things to remember for felons is that there are free resources floating around every major city. For instance, one of the biggest resources for information is that of the public library. Public libraries have mountains of resources, including other help for felons from job hunting, computer training, and of course books. The books found at your local library can cover how to get a job, how to land an apartment, how to apply and win grant money, as well as how to do anything you may want to master. It’s all free and many programs are established to help individuals that are “at need” get help in moving forward in life. Again, this is free and available to anyone.